Dienstag, 7. August 2012

Tutorial: John Galliano Autumn/Winter 2012/13

One of my favorite looks from the last issue of the In Beauty, was the one from John Galliano for Autumn/Winter 2012/13.

It was a black smokey eyes with a peacock shimmering blueish-greenish color on top. Therefor a lot of black kohl pencil was used.

For my version I changed the black with a brown color to give the look a softer note and make it more wearable for daylight (of course as always, it depends where you work).

You can even let the black kohl pencil out, if it's to dark for you. Exchange it with a brown one. Or if you want more drama, add the black kohl pencil to your waterline. I didn't because I got dry eyes and putting something on the waterline make them even more dry. 

Tip: But you can add some color into the inner corner to get also a quite good dramatic effect.

Start with a black line (Maybelline Expression Kohl Pencil)

smudge it with a pencil brush into the lashline...
... and a little bit into the inner corner

use the leftover on the brush for the lower lash

Add a brown cream color on the lid and blend it
I used MAC Paint Pot Constructivist for it, my all time favorite
... also a little bit of the brown color under the eye and blend it with the black
add some highlighter under your brow and in the inner corner
I used here MAC Blanc Type

Time for shimmer!
Add some shimmery eye shadow on top in the middle and
blend it to the sides and upwards
(e.g. MAC Pigments Blue Brown which is actually more green than blue)

I also added some bright white-blue shimmer in the middle
(Sugarpill's Lumi Loose)

Brush your brows! If necessary add some brow powder.
Mascara! I used here a blue one to achieve a more luminous look
(ByTerry Mascara)

Not enough shimmer for today?
OPI Just Spotted the Lizzard
the pic is very pale... it's a green-blue-golden color
looks more like a shimmering dogbane beetle


Vienna Wedekind hat gesagt…

du hast es einfach drauf

PSbyDila.com hat gesagt…

What a gorgeous colour!

Bohemian hat gesagt…

Wow! Super pretty!

fashion meets art hat gesagt…

wow, sieht klasse aus, kompliment!
liebste grüße
maren anita

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Amandine hat gesagt…

ein ähnliche Nagellack von Dior hatte ich auch. fand ich sehr schön!!

Larissa hat gesagt…

I want that shimmer, it looks so pretty !


Jenna hat gesagt…

Those colors go very well with your eye color! I love makeup but I cant do much of it for myself ´cause I have very small moving lid..


danielle hat gesagt…

that's pretty much the perfect metallic eye! well done!

Jen Umm hat gesagt…

great inspiration! love the pictures!

thanks for sharing!

if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin :)
let me know!

Maria V hat gesagt…

Gosh! I love this makeup!!! thanks for posting - I might try over weekend - so beautiful for green eyes.