Mittwoch, 29. Februar 2012

DIY Heated Eyelash Curler

I've seen so many funny tools and accessories the last few weeks.

Some were really weird, some were very useful... btw... I found out for what this nose-thingy is: it's supposed to make your nose smaller and finer by just clipping it on like a clothespin!

So it seems to me that there is a huge trend for heated eyelash curler at the moment.
At Sephora alone there are several types of heated ones.

Have you ever tried one? 

I've tried one in the shop. It curls your lashes a little bit more than a non-heated eyelash curler. And - the really good thing - you can use it AFTER you applied mascara.

Which would be the only reason for me to buy it, but why not curling the lashes before applying mascara?

So if you have very strong, thick lashes (congrats!) and you have troubles with curling them, just warm up your normal eyelash curler, like the one on the left, with a blow-dryer and then curl your lashes carefully. Then apply mascara.

Be sure that the eyelash curler is not hot, just a little warm should be enough, like holding the curler 2-3 seconds under the blow-dryer.

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Dienstag, 28. Februar 2012

Look Of The Day

Today I'm feeling a little bit for standing out, so time for Charming Devil Eyes... see my last tutorial here.

Products used:
MAC Paints Bare Canvas
MAC eyeshadow Blanc Type
MAC eyeshadow Free To Be
Make Up Store Microshade Boheme
YSL Eyeliner Shocking Black
Clinique Mascara

I wear this look with rosy cheeks and braided hair to look nice and neat, but still with a little feeling of a cheeky monkey ;-)

Montag, 27. Februar 2012

Look Of The Day

Just a quick LOTD, I'm in a hurry... inspired by golden liquid caramel... oh I think this eyeshadow is just simple but gorgeous and suits everybody!

Products used:
MAC eyeshadow Blanc Type (for highlights)
Sephora Mono Eyeshadow So Elegant 51 (it's rich brown with a lot of silver glitter in it, so I used the eyeshadow with a wet brush to avoid to much crumbs falling down)
Sephora Mono Eyeshadow Cocao Powder 21 (matte middle-dark brown to enhance the deep in the crease and under the eye)


Freitag, 24. Februar 2012

Look Of The Day... and how to get more lashes

Today I wanted to do something simple, so I used just one bright color: MAC Mineralize In The Sun from the Naturally Collection.

To get more out of the color I used the eyeshadow wet up to the crease and then I blended it with a dry blending brush up the crease and of course under the eyes as well.

It looked a little bit too "naked" for me, so I thought about adding an black eyeliner, but that would have made it too heavy and bold.

Since I just wanted to emphasize somehow the 2/3 of my upper lashes, I made tiny dots between the lashes to create a more fuller look without adding to much "weight" to it.

I used YSL Shocking Black Eyeliner.

Here you can see the tiny dots between the lashes...

...but normally you can hardly see them...

... and this creates fuller lashes without using falsies!
...btw... have you noticed? I've been to the Browhouse - first time in my life, since I have no jungle growing, I've never considered it. But it gave my fine brows a nice, clean shape. And for the close-up pics it's really worth.

Happy Weekend! xxx

Don't Mess With OPI!

Do you remember that gorgeous green in the Elle Beauty Book?

I found it!

It's OPI's Don't Mess With OPI from the last spring/summer 2011 Texas Collection.

T.G.I.F and a happy weekend!!

Donnerstag, 23. Februar 2012

Violent Lips... it's not glossy, IT'S GLITTER!

Spotted yesterday at Watsons: Violent Lips, a lip tattoo!

They had a lot of more colors, like pink-glitter, but not only glitter, also patterns like those here:

pic via

But those patterns are a little bit too much for me.
For shootings they could be great, but in real life?
I wonder when the occasion will come to try out my silver glitter-lips.

Paired with matte dark smokey eyes they would look great!!!

There are 3 lip-tattoos in each package. They should be quite kiss-resistent as well as dinner-resistent.

And they could look like this:

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pic via
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And here's a good tutorial about it:

Mittwoch, 22. Februar 2012

One Eye Shadow Fits All

You certainly know this little mind game "what would you take with you on a lonely island...?" Inspired by that, I thought if I had to use just one eyeshadow for the rest of my life, which one would it be?

Or if you are looking for THE eye shadow, THE must-have, THE must-buy, THE one that fits everybody... Which one could it be?

For me it's the MAC Paint Pot Constructivist.

It's creamy, high-pigmented, does not smudge during the day, it really stays in place, you can blend it very well, you can use it for smokey eyes, you can apply it lightly as well as strong and dark, you can even use your fingertips to apply it. And the brown shimmery color fits every iris.

Here's the proof:

my own color: blue-green-turquoise-something ;-)

blue (thx. Photoshop)

Dienstag, 21. Februar 2012

Look Of The Day

I have to say I didn't know that Sephora had such good eyeshadows. Unfortunately there's no Sephora where I live, so that always will be a "holiday-experience" :)

Products used:
MAC eyeshadow Blanc Type as a highlighter under the eye brow
Sephora eyeshadow Lucky Penny 54 on 2/3 of the lid
Sephora eyeshadow Cocoa Powder 21 on the last 1/3 and under the lashes
black liquid eyeliner (YSL Shocking Black) only applied from the middle of the iris on to be more lighter and not too dark (I'm wearing something fair-beige today)
Brow coating (no color to keep it light) to keep the hair in shape the whole day

Montag, 20. Februar 2012

Update YSL Vinyl Candy Palette

Remember my last object of desire? The YSL Vinyl Candy Palette has this gorgeous lilac... but buying the whole palette for only one single color (CHF 90 because it's a special edition!)? No... No..

I tried to find this special color as a single eyeshadow at MAC, at Bobby Brown and also at the luxury brands as YSL, Estée Lauder, Chanel... but without any luck.

But now I found it: at the swedish Make Up Store.

The YSL lilac...

Make Up Store's Microshadow "Boheme" has a matte and soft texture, the color is very opaque and although it's matte it's quite easy to blend.

My new favorite! :-)

Tutorial: Charming Devil Eyes

Seen (and immediately fall in love with) in the last International Herald Tribune Style Magazine: very charming devil eyes.

Instead of a thick eye liner like Amy Winehouse there's only the wing at the end. And the wing starts not on the edge of the lashes, but in the crease.

So there's no heavy black "lying" on the lashes, instead it's way more lighter and playful. Kind of sweet, but still it looks like tiny devil's wings.

Combine it with rosy or peachy rouge, a beauty dot and candy lipstick to even get a more innocent look.

And it's very easy to do!

Start with priming your eye. I used MAC Paints Bare Canvas
Then mark the wing in the crease, draw a triangle. I used YSL Shocking Black Eye Liner

Highlights under the brow and on the lid with MAC Eye Shadow in Blanc Type
and for more contour in the crease and under the eye: MAC Eye Shadow Omega

Draw or fill in your eye brow. I used Catrice Eye Brow Powder. 

(Re)draw the wing, add more black, make it perfect with a sharp point.
And finally mascara. I used here YSL Shocking Black mascara. 
Done. Like it? I added a rosy blush and nude lips.

Trend alert: darker lipliner

Spotted this look on MAC tumblrs backstage pics for the NY Fashion Week AW12 for The Blonds. Beside this amazing make-up I found out that more and more darker lip liners are coming back.

Remember Pamela Anderson in the 90s? Always a brown lip liner with nude lips...
Please don't do this (again)!

But a darker red might work very well. Also I've seen already pink lip liner paired with bright red lip stick. Well blended this gives something amazing 3D to your lips! Or vice-versa: red liner with pink lips!

Try it out and don't forget to blend it!

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Sonntag, 19. Februar 2012

Look Of The Day

Today I wanted to use my new blue color, but not so powerful as the last time, so I mixed it with some brown shadows.

Products used:
Sephora My Boyfriends Jeans 94
Sephora So Elegant 51
Sephora Cocoa Powder 21
NYX Liquid Crystal Liner Crystal Onyx
Clinique waterproof mascara

Have a great Sunday!