Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2012

LOTD - Swimming Pool

Summer's here!
Inspired by the deep blue sea and Caribbean water or the neighbor's swimming pool, I did this look today.

Used products:
MAC Paint Pot Cash Flow
MAC Eyeshadow Handwritten
Lime Crime China Doll Palette
MAC Eyeshadow Clarity
MAC Eyeshadow Freshwater
MAC Eyeshadow Prussian
Sleek i-Divine Ink
IsaDora Inliner White (as a base for the line)
MaxFactor 2000 kcal mascara

Have a great day!

Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2012

Review: Essie Nourish Me

As promised more than 2 weeks ago when I got my new base nail polish, here's the review for Essie Nourish Me.

I had to fight with very dry nails the last few months that's why I bought it. Especially the nails of the forefinger was weak and was breaking in layers.

Price: about EUR 9.- so it's still cheaper than OPI and a little goes a long way. With 13.5 ml you can use it for a year or so.

It's an intense hydration base coat with vitamin A, C and E and 10 natural oils that should nourish and care your nails.

It dries very fast and smells not intense.

But the best: it really works. My nails are stronger, no breaking in the last 14 days! I wasn't expecting such a fast improvement.

And also the nail polish above stays better. I did my manicure last week and now I have to do it again just because the color grows out, not because of splitting nails or shivered color.

The only thing, I don't understand is why they had to use a small brush. I already mentioned it, when I bought it (see here). All the colors have a wide brush which is so much more convenient. So this is one pencil less.

But still 4 of 5 pencils!

Dienstag, 29. Mai 2012

LOTD - Rainbow

I had such an enchanting weekend with a lot of sunshine, love and harmony. I'm walking today like on clouds.

To make my picture of sun, sky and clouds perfect, just a rainbow is missing.
And here it is!

Used products:
Lime Crime Primer
Sugarpill Sweet Heart and Burning Heart palette
Lime Crime Chinadoll palette
MAC Bisque
Isadora Inliner White (as a base under the rainbow line)
MaxFactor 2000 kcal mascara

Donnerstag, 24. Mai 2012

Look Of The Day

Today I did another look with my new treasure from Guerlain.
This time I used the second row with highlights in gold-bronze from the first row right.

The eyeshadows are really good pigmented, soft and easy to blend. Very good quality!

Enjoy the day!

PS: does anybody know why the uploaded pics get so pale? On my screen they are perfect and when uploading the color changes a little bit.

Mittwoch, 23. Mai 2012

Look Of The Day

Today it's all about statement lips. RED! BRIGHT! ORANGE! and SHIMMER!

Looking like a sunset on my lips, unfortunately the picture can not show this... way to pale...

Used lipstick: Max Factor Flipstick Gypsy Red

Have a sunny day!

statement lips means neutral eyes: just a little beige/brown shimmer shadow

Dienstag, 22. Mai 2012

Look Of The Day - Airbrush

Practice makes perfect, no?

I attended a few weeks ago a workshop about airbrush make-up. It was good to work with other guns and compressors. I have both from Dinair, so it was interesting to see, if other brands are better or totally different. And it turned out that I'm quite satisfied with Dinair. It's very smooth and easy to handle and to clean, compared to other brands.

But the best equipment is nothing without practice. So I practiced on myself today. And yes, it's a little bit hard to spray with the gun on your own eyes while they are closed. I'm looking forward to my girls-night-at-home. A lot of friends for practicing :-)

All used colors by Dinair: Shimmer Taupe, Shimmer Purple, Lt. Coral. Shimmer Taupe is great, it gives the look the appearance of being wet or glossy.

Montag, 21. Mai 2012

Guerlain Terracotta La Sélection de l'été

It's not good to have too much time at the airport. This means spending too much time at the duty-free-store. But this little precious is my best bargain buy for this summer.

Guerlain Terracotta La Sélection de l'été

It comes in a very soft and elegant velvet package with a flat brush and a mini-sponge.
Sad to say, that you can not really use both of the accessories, but anyway...

Let's have a look inside!

On the first level there's a matte light bronzer and a matte darker one for perfect contouring.

The powder really smells so good and has the typical Guerlain perfume. The shades are perfect for my fair skin.


And on the second floor there are 4 eye shadows in wonderful summer(night) colors.

1st row: dark-olive-green shimmer, golden-bronze shimmer
2nd row: brown-golden shimmer, beige/nude velvet shadow

Isn't that 2-in-1-wonder perfect for summer? For traveling? For holidays?
I'll keep you posted with more looks with these eye shadows the next days...
Have a great start in the week!

Swatches (no flash)

Haha! I just read on the back of the product it's a "Face Powder". Well anyway, for me and my fair skin it's a perfect bronzer. So if you are already tanned, you can use it as a face powder and the darker shade for contouring.

Samstag, 19. Mai 2012


A few weeks ago MAC had the lovely and colorful Love and Water collection with Chen Man.

Reason enough for me to take a closer look on Beijing-born Chen Man. She's a photographer that has an incredible portfolio. If you see her beauty shots you might think she's also a make-up artist.

So many colorful and strong looks. And although they are so colorful they don't look "painted", in fact they all are very aesthetic. The pics are like they are illuminated and for me very inspiring.

More info about her here and here.

all pics via

Freitag, 18. Mai 2012

Editorial: White

Spotted in the Austrian Woman, I found this editorial. At the moment I love the overall white look or a crisp white shirt with a lot of jewelry or a white-and-grey combination. And this is a wonderful make-up for the white look (even for white hair!).

Want some more white inspiration? Check out their blogs: Stylorectic, 123456789-Smiling, Love-Aesthetics.

Soon I will "steal" a white shirt from M. (watch out :-)) and use it as a dress, if the temperature will let me.

What's wrong with May anyway? Rainy grey cold weather?

Thanks bella A. for this pic (left). It works and already cheers me up!

Tea cups high, girls - tomorrow everything will be better :-)

Life Ball 2012 - Fight the Flames of Ignorance

Have you ever heard of the Life Ball?
For me it's THE event of the year in Vienna. It takes place every year in May since 1992. It's Europe's biggest charity event to help HIV-positive people. Find more info here and here.

It takes place in the Vienna town hall, a very old and impressive building. Since the space there is limited there are many pre-, after- or side-parties in clubs around the city. There's a strict dresscode!

I had the luck to attend this event five times and it was always great, inspiring and unique. I said, I had the luck, because there's no way to buy the tickets on a common way: you have to win it, or you have to volunteer (after 11 pm you can attend the party) or you have to know the right people.

For a few years there are themes. They started four years ago with the elements: Water, Air, Earth and Fire.

So this year, 2012, the theme is fire with "Fight the Flames of Ignorance".

The following pics are from the stylebible. This is a guideline to give you an idea or inspiration for your costume.

Have a look:

So since this is also THE event in Vienna during this time, the media is full of looks, dresses, make-ups...

Those pics I found in the Austrian Woman.

Tomorrow at 8.15 pm the ORF will broadcast live from the Vienna Rathausplatz. Since I'm ill, I already know, what I'm doing: definitely attending this event on the couch with tea instead of champagne. Watching the opening show outside the town hall and the fashion show (this year hosted by the Italian Vogue!) and get inspired by the amazing costumes, looks and body air brushes.

If you have a ticket: enjoy!!!