Montag, 17. September 2012

Glossybox Switzerland September

After a very long announcement time (about 2-3 months) there is also a Glossybox available in Switzerland.

There was a special offer for just ordering one single box, so I was very tempted... and of course I ordered a box end of August.

Today - "only" 18 days later the box arrived.

And I'm slightly disappointed with the products. For CHF 21.- and for the very first box I would have expected something more special.

So what was inside?

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer
It's a very good one, although I prefer moisturizer with SPF. You can get that sample size in every Kiehl's store for free if you ask nicely.

Lancome Genifique
I'll test it definitely. I don't get a lot of sleep at the moment.

L'Oreal Paris Color Riche nail polish
nice color in teal, good for autumn. But psssst, Glossybox, L'Oreal is not a luxury brand ;-)

Maria Galland Gloss
The gloss is more a balm and feels very comfortable on the lips, but I don't like the color. It looks very bright red but on the lips it's only just slightly red... more rosy... nothing I would use for my daily look since I prefer either nude lips or statement lips. Nothing between.

Paul Mitchell Shampoo
Interesting. Smells good. I'll test it.

It's so nice when you get a monthly surprise box. I love the idea and the concept but I think the box in Switzerland is way too expensive. In other EU countries it's cheaper. In France it's only EUR 10.- / CHF 12.-!!!
I'm a real cosmetic freak and therefor I had somehow higher expectations. Instead of two face care products (moisturizer and serum) an eye shadow would have been great. Or any other make-up thing, but there are 4 care products and just only 1 decorative product (the nail polish). I often get care products at the counter of the brands in the mall. So that's nothing I would pay for it.
And the delivery time (18 days!) is way too long.
I don't think that I'll order a second box for this price. Only 1 pencil for idea and nice packaging.

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