Montag, 9. Januar 2012

Do it like Dita - new in my bookshelf

Retro looks are still everywhere at the moment! Thinking of the marvelous Dita Von Teese, Amy Winehouse or the successful TV series Mad Men (already over four seasons).

And of course in fashion you can find a strong touch of retro. Have a look at Prada's spring 2012 collection or Louis Vuitton in pastel shades.

So Santa, or as we say in Austria, the Christkind was very nice to me and brought a lot of presents. Two of them are these fantastic books:

Retro Makeup and Vintage Hairstyling
They are telling you a little about the history, about the basic tools, what was used in former times and step-by-step you can find make-up and hair tutorials from the 20s to the 60s.

To be honest, I bought these books (well, sometimes you have to help the Christkind a little to get the right things ;-)) in Zurich's Niederdorf in a very lovely store: Stardust 
If you are around you have to drop by!

They also sell glamourous clothes, bling-bling Accessories and a lot of more vintage style. The owner is very nice and also very passionate about vintage style, she can help you to pick the right stuff for you.

So what you're waiting for? Get some inspiration from Dita here or be a Glamour Diva and seduce your own Don Draper.

It's prom season anyway, let's try to learn a ballroom dance or better go to Vienna - they are famous for their balls - not only the opera ball; calendar here
Or what about a theme party?

Anyway, have fun and put some glamour in those grey and cold new months of the year!

PS: If you are not living in Zurich you can find the books online here.

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