Dienstag, 3. Januar 2012

Make-up Must Haves

It’s not how much you have but what you have. Let’s focus on quality when it comes to skincare or make-up. Remember that especially the skin around your eyes and on your lips is very sensitive.

I often try several brands – from cheap to luxury to see how much is quality and how much is just the brand name. So here are my best products at the moment I use regularly:

Mascara base non-water resistant: Urban Decay’s Eyelash Primer Potion. It’s very silky and not clumpy and gives every mascara an extra boost

Mascara non-water resistant: I prefer volume, volume, volume when it comes to lashes. YSL Shocking Black has not only a perfect dark black but also a very good brush to make your lashes very thick without effort. The texture is very creamy and it smells also very good. All the YSL mascaras smell like very light perfume, while others smell chemical. And it sticks to your 
lashes all day – no panda-eyes!

Mascara base water resistant: Kanebo 38°C base, it is water resistant but it goes off easily with just warm water. No rubbing or chemical treatment is necessarily.

Mascara water resistant: At the moment I use Clinique’s High Impact Curling Mascara which also can be removed with warm water, but it’s cheaper than the Kanebo 38°C Volume, that I used before. Both are very good. (Clinique: € 19.95, Kanebo: € 29.95 at douglas.de)

Eyeliner: the new YSL Shocking Black eyeliner is the best I’ve ever tested. The tip is like a sponge and not like the tip of a marker. So there’s every time colour on the point when you need it. No need to shake the pen or press the tip on your hand for more ink. And the black is very deep and opaque.

Concealer: If you are looking for one with extra moisture try Diorskin Nude. Although it’s high-pigmented it doesn’t dry out the sensitive skin under your eyes. Also very good and convenient is Bobby Brown’s Creamy Concealer. It comes with a sheer finished pressed powder, you can fix the cream-concealer so it’ll last all day.

Rouge: Tinted, powder, creams… At the moment I only use tinted rouge from Benefit Cosmetics in Mango. It’s for me the best to receive a healthy glowing look on your cheeks. What you also can use instead is tinted “lip stain” e.g. from MAC (See thru lip colour). It works also on your cheeks, but use the fingers and not the applicator to get a careful blended result. I just saw that Esscence got a Vampire Collection. They have also lip stains in red and violet. I have already tested the lilac on my cheeks – works wonderful!

Bronzer: Yes, I also use it in winter. Since I’m very pale I can look ill easily. But I use a very light one in a cold tone and only to give my face a little contour. Mine at the moment is a cheap brand from Asia, called Bébé Poshé, but it’s very similar to MAC’s Strada.

Foundation: As you already know I’m a big fan of my BB Foam from Maybelline. I will do a special post for transparent powder, mineral powder, HD-Make-up or Airbrush-Make-up another time, since this topic will go beyond the scope.

Balm: the best balm ever for me is the Dior Crème de Rose balm with a wonderful smell and a wonderful texture. In just a minute you have soft adorable lips. Also the packaging is very nice with a little retro charm. Cheaper but not less effective for chapped lips is Carmex. But the smell of the ingredient Camphor is very strong, so I only use it at night like an extra mask for my lips. I always read about the honey-mask for lips, but did it ever work for you? Well, not for me.

Gloss: Definitely MAC’s Clear Gloss. No one shines more and you can mix it with pigments or tap it over your lipstick.

Stick: I love all the lipsticks from MAC! If you are looking for a peculiar colour you’ll find it at MAC. Did you know that you get 1 lipstick for free if you return 6 empty packages to MAC?

So, what are your favorites?

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