Donnerstag, 29. März 2012

Girl Crush: Babypink Hair - Part II

A few months ago I already wrote about my little crush about babypink hair here. And you see it more and more on runways, covers and editorials.

Also bloggers dye their hair or only their hair tips lately in all colors of the rainbow. Also Hollywood stars like Kate Bosworth or Kate Perry was seen in colored tips. (see more here)

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Since not everybody is a star, a full-time blogger, a model, a creative working self-employed or in a hip agency, who can dye your hair permanently, you have to improvise with something else for the weekend or just for one day.

And wigs are not for everybody, besides if they are good quality they are expensive and if they aren't they are uncomfortable and look cheep.

"So why not use an eye shadow for your hair?" must Kevin Murphy had in mind, when he invented his color bug.

It's really like make-up for your hair. Since the pigmentation is very strong and opaque, you can use it for dark hair, too.

Be sure to cover your shoulders with a towel to protect your clothes.

Rub the bug on your hair until it has enough color.

Fix it then with a hair spray.

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