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Review: Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Hydrating, Foundation Primer Radiance

Laura Mercier is quite new here and only available in one mall in Zurich (Globus, Bahnhofstrasse).

I first heard of the brand from a Make-up Artist from London. She loves LM Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer which gives your face a healthy dewy look and also protects it with SPF 20. So I went to the counter to try it. I really love it. It has a lot of shimmer in it but it's tinted, so it doesn't give your skin this shimmering-pale look like a fairy.

But since it was very expensive and it was still winter here and my skin needed more a little extra hydration, I spotted the new Foundation Primers:
Hydrating, Mineral and Oil Free.

So I asked for a little sample of the Hydrating one to test it at home. Never buy an expensive cream or make-up without testing it unhurriedly at home for two or three days. You can always get a little sample, that should not be a problem and good make-up counters are happy to help you with this.

So I tried the sample and it was great. My skin soaked up the extra moist and my skin wasn't sticky or oily at all. I bought it. I was happy.

Unfortunately after one week the product changed. The texture started to get heterogenous. I shook the product to mix it well but with day by day it got worse. At the end there was only cream and water-like liquid in it. So I went to the counter again to report the problem and to get a new one. I thought that maybe the package had a hole or something else. I got a new one with no problem.

And again happy with my new Hydration Primer. But after four days the product started to change again. Same problem: only "water" came out. I had a quick look at the internet and I found out, that I wasn't the only one - see the reviews here.

So I went again to the LM counter. And it shows that they were already aware of this problem. It seems that there was a manufacturing error, but only for the serial M11... (I think it was this number) One ingredient was missing or so... that's why the cream divides into two substances. You can find the number on top of the tube - marked in red. Maybe that's why it's already "sold out" on the LM homepage.

And with no problem - of course I had no invoice left at this point - they wanted to give me a new product with another serial number. But since spring is starting and my skin has now other needs I asked for a the Foundation Primer Radiance
And again I'm very happy with it. 

So now I have my radiance product for a dewy look and a little extra moisture for my skin. It's very light and non sticky. 

It's also slightly tinted, so you don't get a spooky pale white look.

Product tested on my arm:

light beige-rosy tinted cream
with flash: primer left, no primer on the right
without flash: primer left, no primer on the right
I really liked the Hydration Primer, well, until it got runny. But if it's really only a manufacturing error  in just this one serial product line and they have, as they told me at the counter, the problem solved, I can recommend the product and I will buy it next winter again, because for dry winter skin it's really perfect. Because instead of other primers it doesn't get greasy or oily and you can apply the make-up free of streaks.

I was very satisfied and surprised how they dealt with me, returning a product twice. They were very friendly and not nerved or irritated. Very calm and competent they explained the problem, gave me a new product and left me with a very good feeling. This was an outstanding example of customer service! I'm not often returning things but I also had bad experience with this, like blaming me for destroying it or similar. So thank you very much Laura Mercier counter!!! 

And although there was a huge problem with the product I won't take all "pencil-points". We all make errors, they can happen. But it's not about the error, it's about how we deal with it and how we solve the problem!

So it's 4 from 5 pencils for the LM Hydrating Primer!

The Foundation Primer Radiance is a great product. I already love it. I just hope that it won't get runny ;) It's light, it soaks up quick, it has no smell or perfume and it gives you this adorable dewy look - just perfect for spring and summer. 5 from 5!

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