Freitag, 16. März 2012

Polka Dots - Sephora Nail Patch Review

I'm not a big fan of nail art, so this one is gonna be a rare posting.

But I love stripes and I like dots on clothes, so when I saw those Nail Patches at Sephora in "My Favorite Skirt", I thought I could give them a try.

First, it looks easy to apply them, but let's face it: it's not!

In the package there are 16 patches in 5 sizes, which seems a lot. But for my nails no one of those didn't really fit. Either they were to large or to small. Especially for the middle fingers. Thumb and the little one were ok.

The patch itself is very thin and has two "skins" for protection. One clear and one silver, both you have to remove.

Unfortunately the patches got cracked a few times by removing the silver protection skin.

One of the damaged patches.

I really needed all of the 16 patches.

Done, but not satisfying.

As you can see on the close-up the patches have an uneven surface. It got little crinkles and the foil had from the beginning on a little pattern perforated. Probably for a better applying on the round nails, to actually avoid crinkles.

And they were not shiny at all.

So I applied two layers of clear top coat nail polish for more shine and a better wear.

I used Essence Studio Nails Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer. I think this is the best top coat I've ever had. Yes, better than OPI and way more cheaper - a tenth of OPI!

It dries in seconds and is really shiny and strong and it survives applying most suncreams which OPI doesn't. (I found it out the hard way after a manicure)

The patches are funny, but hard to apply. And the result is not satisfying. It looks already worn for a few days, although it's new done.

And since the patches are not that cheap, I would recommend to invest in a real nail polish you can use way more often. If you are into nail art and like patches, I would rather recommend to try those.

Only one pencil out of five... one for the nice dots-pattern.


Self-Dressed hat gesagt…

wow! like it!!


Juliano Dias hat gesagt…

love dots. amazing nails.