Freitag, 23. März 2012

Make-up for a cold

Again this year I caught a cold. Twice in winter is not fair!

What to do if you are not too ill to stay at home, but still feeling awful? At least a little color on your face can cheer you up and you look better than you feel ;-)

Here are the best steps to keep your make-up in your face and not on your handkerchief.

Foundation is everything! Prepare your face with a good moisturizer. Especially around the nose. After your foundation use a strong concealer for your dark circles around the eyes and around your nose for the red parts if already necessary. Use a yellowish powder if you have to hide the red nose, but don't use to much, since your nose will get flaky from using so many handkerchiefs. Find a little overview of yellow powders here.

For a little healthy glow I would use a light peach rouge. No rose tone - it doesn't match your red nose. It would make it worse.

For your lips just use a very good lip balm (I love my Dior Rose Balm). Take it with you when leaving the house, you'll need it! No lipsticks or lip glosses! Seriously, they will anyway only end up in your handkerchief the minute you use it. Or your smudge it around your mouth.

To give your tired and swollen eyes an awaken look use white liner for the waterline, stick to fair matte colors like beige and brown and use a water-resistant eyeliner and of course a water-restistant mascara.

If you have time, allow yourself a cucumber mask for your swollen eyes before bed. No time? Use Bobbi Browns Extra Eye Balm. It's a rich moisture balm with cucumber extract and helps to reduce puffiness.

Drink a lot of water or tea and go to bed early.
Get well soon!

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