Freitag, 23. März 2012

MAC Chenman Love and Water

New at MAC counters is the line extension Love and Water made in cooperation with Bejiing-born fashion photographer Chen Man, inspired by love and water, yin and yang and of course the colors blue and pink.

Find the whole collection-overview in the Mac-Store here.

I found the pigments and the mineral eyeshadows kind of boring, the fluidliners we already know... and the beauty powder was sold out.

Really outstanding of this collection is the nail polish in Breezy Blue, a bright neon blue, quite similar to the wonderful and famous Yves Klein blue.

Have you ever heard of him? Check it out here.

But for some reason, although I liked it that much, I haven't bought it. Must be guilty conscience whispering "You have enough nail polish, my dear." I wonder why it worked this time :)

Still.. isn't it lovely?
Have a look:

pic via
You already know that I have a soft spot for statement lipsticks and really good ones are hard to find.

... and I love bright matte colors.

Say Hi! to MAC Force of Love.

It's a vivid coral-pink matte lipstick. It's very opaque and can be used for a powerful, opaque appearance or just a hint of color by tapping it on the lips with your fingers.

Find more swatches here, here and here.

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