Dienstag, 10. Juli 2012

In Beauty - My Favorites

Since I'm so badly curious, I couldn't resist to run over the pages fast forward of the newest edition of In Beauty autumn/winter 2012/2013.

At first sight, I see not many totally new looks. Autumn/winter will bring us different versions of smokey eyes or - rougher - smudgy eyes.

Also a cat eyes with sometimes more or less thicker eye liner were often seen on the runways.

Only eye-catching for me was that designers used more red eyeshadows, which I really liked.

Have a quick look at my favorite looks. I will show my versions of them in the next weeks. Which one do you like most?

graphic blue liner with point

smokey eyes with lovely peacock shimmer

Let's see if I can make a lighter, more wearable version of this 
beautiful bronze-orange

graphic cat-eye 
with paper lashes from Paperself, see my post here

I like the combination of purple and orange

emerald green graphic  - very elegant
no eye make-up here, I'm fascinated by the mohawk-banana.
as soon as my hair is long enough I'll try this on my head.


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