Montag, 9. Juli 2012

Review: Lime Crime Liquid Eyeliner

I've already did a review about the Lime Crime's Palette d'Antoinette.

Now it's time to talk about Lime Crime's new eyeliner. They come in 6 bright beautiful colors:

from left to right:
Blue Milk
Lunar Sea
6th Element

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pic via
I ordered three eyeliners: Orchidaceous, Lazuli and Quill.

The packaging has a nice design, but one brush arrived damaged: a few hairs were folded and were sticking out. After I cut them, another hair (see pic left) stuck out again. :(
The package of Quill, the black one, was overfilled and some already dried "ink" was running all over the bottle.

So that was not bad, I could clean it, but still I think it shouldn't happen. Made me a little bit disappointed.

But lets talk about the colors:

A really strong and glossy black, I like it very much, although I have to say it's not that special. I already have some quite good black eyeliners.

So why did I order?
Because I was curios after reading Lime Crime's description "Shiny black liquid liner. Glossy black. The darkest black you've ever experienced!"

Ok, it's dark black and glossy. But still... I expected a little bit more shine.

is a bright royal blue, very opaque... love the color.

should be violet-purple, but mine comes out more magenta-pink-violet, which disappointed me again. It seems I have no luck with the whole Orchidaceous bottle. Or maybe the color reacts with the base, but that shouldn't be as well.

I would love to try the other colors. The yellow is very tempting, also the white. I can't imagine if it's really opaque. That's rare to find.

I think the price is with $ 13.99 a good deal.

So because of the changing color Orchidaceous, the slightly damaged brush and the dirty Quill-bottle only 3 from 5 pencils.


Wedekind hat gesagt…

lern mir den perfekten lidstrich.
ich verzweifle
und hätte doch gerne so eine türkise linie..

GlamorousGirl hat gesagt…

such cute clothes!!!

Rini hat gesagt…

Thx... But clothes? ;)