Dienstag, 24. Juli 2012

Review: Eye Rock Tattoos and Tape

Do you know Eye Rock?
I'm a big fan of graphic eye make-up, so it was no wonder, that I gave it a try as I spotted them on asos.com.

It's instant perfect eye make-up, no smudging, perfectly balanced eyeliners on both eyes... too good to be true?

They look really perfect on the pics in the internet or on their homepage. But when they arrived I was a little disappointed.

Let's see why...

While the ones with the feather and the lace pattern are removable tattoos, the liners came out as tapes (as it says on the package, but I over read it somehow).

The tape is matte and a little bit like a fabric.

The printed black line is not high quality. It's more dark grey than black. You can see the white dots (not printed) through.

The tape itself is way to long even for the biggest eyes. So I had to cut it in two pieces.

And since the black wasn't well printed I went with some liquid eye liner over the tape...

... but then it didn't stick any more.

And it felt very heavy on my lid, I couldn't move my eye very well, so I took it off after a few seconds and painted my own line with an ordinary black liquid eye liner.

and more comfortable :-)
On the other day I tried the "spiky" tape, but it was even more uncomfortable. It was pulling and pricking... ouch.

I gave up.

Finally I tried the lace tattoos yesterday. It's easy to apply, just as you might know from the Bazooka-Tattoos: place the sheet on your skin, apply some water, wait and take it off.

The only "problem" for me was, that the stencil was huge. It's lace pattern on the upper lid and under the eye. Way too big and too bold for a "nice daytime look with something special".

So I cut it.

But the piece did not fit right. And it looked weird.

I thought about making really dark smokey eyes and combine it with the lace, but...

... it wouldn't  have make it better. It looked so misplaced.

Thought that.
Laughed loud.
And took it off.

(Actually you have to rub it off quite hard.)

The tape is very inspiring. You can do so much more than just an ordinary line. In theory it sounds promising, but in daily routine it does not work for me. I'll try the other lines, when there's a special occasion like Street Parade or maybe for a shooting, but it's nothing you want to wear a whole day. Although it says it lasts up to 16 hours, I wouldn't want that. So only one pencil for the idea.

The tattoos are more comfortable and there are very nice patterns. But for me they are too big and too loud. They could have been designed more delicate for a better subtle look. Or maybe more smaller pieces just for the corners...? Just similar to PaperSelf lashes? I think the ones with the feather pattern are the better choice than the lace. You can cut them easily in smaller pieces to decorate your eye. I will try this soon and of course I'll keep you posted. Only two pencils: one for the handling and one for the idea.


Borjana hat gesagt…

WOW!It looks so natural!well at least the first one,simple eye liner;) Love the idea!

Audrey Leighton hat gesagt…

Amazing! Loveee this!

Be Frassy