Freitag, 13. Juli 2012

Tutorial Anna Sui

I've already showed you my favorites of the new In Beauty and promised to do some tutorials and to make my own version - from runway to ready-to-wear:

Let's start with Anna Sui's runway look for autumn/winter 2012/2013:

It's a very strong and bright blue color, it's not only an eyeliner, the whole lid was filled with the opaque color. The focus was on the upper lid, so no mascara or color under the eye beside a little blue point in the middle of the eye.

Tip: blue doesn't like red undertones, so be sure to use a good foundation and concealer to cover up spots or red marks. Don't use a red toned blush, I just used some (pale) bronzer to complete this look.

... and here's my version:

start with a primer (I used Mac Paints Bare Study)
and a white kohl pencil for the water line (IsaDora Inliner)

If you find it hard to draw a symmetric line, start with a
white line first and then fill it out.
You can easily correct the white line with a q-tipp.
See also tutorial here.

Fill out the white line with a blue eyeliner (Lime Crime's Lazuli)
For more depth go over with a black eyeliner
be sure to wait long enough until the blue color is dry

clean the white line if something's left
go with some brown shimmer into the crease and blend
it up to the eye brown for more definition
(Bobbi Brown shimmer brick)

For more definition under the eye use a matte brown eye shadow
and blend it upwards to the wing
Don't forget the little point!
I marked it in the inner corner because under the eye it looks like a teardrop
And because I used mascara on the under lashes it won't be seen well anyway.
Mascara, eye brown and ready!


Annushka hat gesagt…

Beautiful post, I like your blog, the post is very interesting!
Greetings from Russia.

Candace Wu hat gesagt…

wow perfect!
xx [ aphrodite ]

Nina hat gesagt…

Very cool!

Daniella hat gesagt…

Super cool eye make up! :)

Take care, Daniella xox