Montag, 30. Juli 2012

Spotted: Before and After Make-up

Spotted on

I always love to see before and after make-up pics. It's so fantastic to see what make-up can do and how it can modify your face.

These pics of transvestite make-up are really stunning.

See more here. (all pics via

Have a great week!


Ioana-Carmen hat gesagt…

that`s so interesting!

Teresa hat gesagt…

Wow, amazing transformations! It's crazy what makeup can do and a good wig can do! ;)

Rebecca hat gesagt…

Wow! How amazing are these photos!


Vienna Wedekind hat gesagt…

holy shit - that’s an amazing transformation!

d.h.e.r. hat gesagt…

i never wear make-up, but looking at these pictures, i'm thinking maybe i'm missing out? he he. such a fun way to display the art and possibilities in make-up.