Sonntag, 29. Juli 2012

Tutorial: Talbot Runhof Autumn/Winter 2012/13

One of my favorite looks from the last issue of the In Beauty, was the one from Talbot Runhof.

Instead of doing a cat eye with a wing they emphasize the crease with another line to create more deep and expression to the look.

They used a lime green color for this. In my version I used a coffee-brown kohl pencil.

I can imagine that this style would also look good with a blue, purple or bordeaux color.

Sorry for "creepy lenses". 

I run out of the neutral ones. 

And now to my version of the runway look:

start as always with a primer (e.g. MAC Paints)

put some matte fair brown eyeshadow on the lid
(e.g. MAC Omega)

draw a line with a kohl pencil
it's easier to use the kohl pencil instead of a liquid liner
because you can correct more easily (MAC coffee)
draw a second line along your crease of the eye
Tip: the pencil will more glide if you keep turning it

put some of the fair brown eyeshadow over it to fix it
blend a little bit of the eyeshadow over your crease up
to the eyebrows

since I was not satisfied with the effect on the lash line
I gave some black liquid eyeliner over it
just a fine line (Lime Crime)
blend the black line into the brown line with a fine brush

some cream eyeliner for the water line (Isadora Inliner)
and a little bit of the brown kohl pencil exact on the under lashes
(make some small points)
Mascara! (MaxFaktor 2000 kcal)
Highlighter in the inner corner and on the highest spot under
your brown, then blend it (e.g. MAC Blanc Type)

Done! :-)


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Shaina hat gesagt…

wow your eyes are gorgeous!!

love this look!

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gefällt mir super!