Freitag, 18. Mai 2012

Life Ball 2012 - Fight the Flames of Ignorance

Have you ever heard of the Life Ball?
For me it's THE event of the year in Vienna. It takes place every year in May since 1992. It's Europe's biggest charity event to help HIV-positive people. Find more info here and here.

It takes place in the Vienna town hall, a very old and impressive building. Since the space there is limited there are many pre-, after- or side-parties in clubs around the city. There's a strict dresscode!

I had the luck to attend this event five times and it was always great, inspiring and unique. I said, I had the luck, because there's no way to buy the tickets on a common way: you have to win it, or you have to volunteer (after 11 pm you can attend the party) or you have to know the right people.

For a few years there are themes. They started four years ago with the elements: Water, Air, Earth and Fire.

So this year, 2012, the theme is fire with "Fight the Flames of Ignorance".

The following pics are from the stylebible. This is a guideline to give you an idea or inspiration for your costume.

Have a look:

So since this is also THE event in Vienna during this time, the media is full of looks, dresses, make-ups...

Those pics I found in the Austrian Woman.

Tomorrow at 8.15 pm the ORF will broadcast live from the Vienna Rathausplatz. Since I'm ill, I already know, what I'm doing: definitely attending this event on the couch with tea instead of champagne. Watching the opening show outside the town hall and the fashion show (this year hosted by the Italian Vogue!) and get inspired by the amazing costumes, looks and body air brushes.

If you have a ticket: enjoy!!!

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