Freitag, 4. Mai 2012

Brushes - Must Haves - The Others

Here we are with the final episode of my brushes must-haves or not must-haves:


find here my must-have brushes for face or eyes.
Lip Brushes - a must?

it depends... the MAC 316 (on the right) I don't like it very much, because the brush is flat and has no pointed tip.

Instead the one on the left is pointed at the end. You will receive better results with that and it's so much easier to get the contours really well. Also it has a metal cap, so you can treat the brush with care.

No question - it's a must for professionals. 

For private use: if you are using a lot of strong and bright statement lipsticks it will be easier for you to apply the color with a brush. If you are more into nude or rose tones or if you are using lip gloss you won't need it.

Brushes for eye brows 

Yes. A must. No matter if you have bold or thin brows.

The first one on the left is to get the brows in shape. (must!!!)

The second one is not a must. The comb-side is for eyelashes to get rid of too much mascara. I never use that, it makes even worse "fly-lashes". The other side is to brush through the brows. It's helpful if you have a brow pencil. With the brush you can absorb the color from the pencil and then apply it to your brow. The result will be more natural - similar if you would have used brow powder.

Tip: no need to buy from an expensive brand. No-name does it also. No budget? Recycle your empty mascara (on the right an old Maybelline Great Lash).

Fan Brush - not a must

It's for the face... if you were wondering.

Cosmetician use it to apply the face mask. 

I use it sometimes to get rid of some eye shadow crumbs that were fallen on the cheeks and she uses it for polishing, polishing, polishing ;-) check out her video.

Check out the Don'ts & Tips for brushes at the end of the Must Haves for Eyes here.

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