Samstag, 5. Mai 2012

Tutorial: Holly Golightly

Since I've seen the movie Breakfast At Tiffany's lately, I went nuts to get the sunglasses "Manhattan" from Oliver Goldsmith.

They are just perfect: big, black and classy.

If you have old Ray Bans or similar ones, here's a DIY form P.S.-I made this to get cat eye sunglasses.

And here's my tutorial for eyes like Holly Golightly!

start with eye primer
e.g. MAC Paints Bare Study
on the whole lid a beige tone and a little bit under the eye
e.g. MAC Quarry
If you don't wont to go with brown shades of course you can use grey tones as well
mark with a white liner where you want your black line
find tutorial here
give your eyes deep with a darker shade
in the crease and 1/3 under the eye
e.g. MAC Handwritten
start to fill in the white line with a black liquid eyeliner
apply white eyeliner on the waterline
apply mascara or fake lashes
Holly has only mascara on the upper lashes
but that doesn't suit me, so I did both
get your brows in shape, if you have thin one try to make them bold
I did this with a darker shadow at the end of the brow (1/3)
and a mid-tone for the last 2/3
add some highlighter under the brows
done! I applied a little bit more dark brown in the corners
to receive bigger looking eyes
no worries about the thin white line, you won't see it from far
and it gives your line a 3D-effect
if you don't like it, you can easily blend it with a clean brush or a q-tip

for my lips I used Laura Mercier Lip Glacé Rose
a hint of blush: Benefit Cosmetics Benetint Mango 
and now... let's have breakfast at Tiffany's ;-)

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