Dienstag, 22. Mai 2012

Look Of The Day - Airbrush

Practice makes perfect, no?

I attended a few weeks ago a workshop about airbrush make-up. It was good to work with other guns and compressors. I have both from Dinair, so it was interesting to see, if other brands are better or totally different. And it turned out that I'm quite satisfied with Dinair. It's very smooth and easy to handle and to clean, compared to other brands.

But the best equipment is nothing without practice. So I practiced on myself today. And yes, it's a little bit hard to spray with the gun on your own eyes while they are closed. I'm looking forward to my girls-night-at-home. A lot of friends for practicing :-)

All used colors by Dinair: Shimmer Taupe, Shimmer Purple, Lt. Coral. Shimmer Taupe is great, it gives the look the appearance of being wet or glossy.


Fifth N Sixth Closet hat gesagt…

This is really cool, would love to know how to do this..

ChicAdvisor hat gesagt…

Seen airbrush foundation but not as eye shadow. Very nice application and colour on you.


Rini hat gesagt…

Thank you!
It does work quite good for the eye make-up, but it's best for the foundation of course.
And it's fun. I really like the cold air on my face... feels like a SPA-Treatment ;-)