Samstag, 19. Mai 2012


A few weeks ago MAC had the lovely and colorful Love and Water collection with Chen Man.

Reason enough for me to take a closer look on Beijing-born Chen Man. She's a photographer that has an incredible portfolio. If you see her beauty shots you might think she's also a make-up artist.

So many colorful and strong looks. And although they are so colorful they don't look "painted", in fact they all are very aesthetic. The pics are like they are illuminated and for me very inspiring.

More info about her here and here.

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kristyhank hat gesagt…

Wow, beautiful photos, and true art!

I'm following your blog, would you want to follow back?

GlamorousGirl hat gesagt…


vnikali hat gesagt…

chenman is soooo talented!
met her once and she was super cool

Rini hat gesagt…

You met her? oh wow!!!
lucky you!!