Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2012

Review: Essie Nourish Me

As promised more than 2 weeks ago when I got my new base nail polish, here's the review for Essie Nourish Me.

I had to fight with very dry nails the last few months that's why I bought it. Especially the nails of the forefinger was weak and was breaking in layers.

Price: about EUR 9.- so it's still cheaper than OPI and a little goes a long way. With 13.5 ml you can use it for a year or so.

It's an intense hydration base coat with vitamin A, C and E and 10 natural oils that should nourish and care your nails.

It dries very fast and smells not intense.

But the best: it really works. My nails are stronger, no breaking in the last 14 days! I wasn't expecting such a fast improvement.

And also the nail polish above stays better. I did my manicure last week and now I have to do it again just because the color grows out, not because of splitting nails or shivered color.

The only thing, I don't understand is why they had to use a small brush. I already mentioned it, when I bought it (see here). All the colors have a wide brush which is so much more convenient. So this is one pencil less.

But still 4 of 5 pencils!


Wedekind hat gesagt…

ich gestehe: ich habe nichts von Essie und nichts von OPI. Ich kann also nicht mitreden!:D

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Rini hat gesagt…

Aber einen Unterlack nimmst du schon, oder? ;-)