Donnerstag, 10. Mai 2012

Trend: Color Blocking

pic: InStyle Beauty
Spotted: Not only on runways you see the trend Color Blocking since last summer thanks to Gucci, DvF and the others.

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Also on your nails you can do color blocking. See my post here: rainbow nails

Pic: Manhattan Cosmetics
And sure you can do it on your eyes and lips... if you dare ;-)

Use either one color on your lid and the other in your crease and blend it up to your brows, or...

... use one color on your lid and blend it above your crease and the other color under your lashline.

Tip: don't forget to use eyeliner on your waterline. It will give  you more definition on the look. Use black liner, or the same color as under your lashes or white liner to brighten up the look.

This is my LOTD today and my version of color blocking.
I used the Lime Crime China Doll Palette for this, NYX glitter eyeliner and MAC Powerpoint Pencil Out Of The Sea and NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk White.

If this is too colorful for you, why not trying it on your lips?
Use a red and a pink lipstick. A matte one might work best because it will stay longer on your lips. You want it super-safe? Go for kiss-resistent lipstick!

Happy color blocking, my dears!

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