Freitag, 15. Juni 2012

How to get the perfect match

pic via Lime Crime
Have you ever had the problem, that you eye make-up doesn't match your lips exactly?
Or lips and eyes are fine, but your complexion looks somehow a little dull or off-color?

Probably this isn't something new to the most of you, but I'm still surprised how well this works. Every time.

Problem 1: lipstick doesn't match your eye make-up
Problem solved: just tap a tiny bit of you eye shadow on your lips to achieve the same warmth or color sprectrum. I works really well with shimmer eye-shadow and it also gives your lips an extra plumping effect.

Problem 2: complexion doesn't match the make-up
Problem solved: Use the same lipstick as a rouge, tap it into your skin and apply some powder over it.

I just had the problem today, that my Lime Crime Coquette nude lipstick is a tiny bit too pink for my complexion. So I just put a little bit of the lipstick on my cheek bones and tapped it in to receive an overall harmonious look.

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betty hat gesagt…

great tips... thank you :)

GlamorousGirl hat gesagt…

love it!