Dienstag, 19. Juni 2012

Ombre Nails with Sheer Nail Polish by American Apparel

American Apparel brought out a new limited edition just for summer: Sheer Nail Polish

Because of the sheer color you can receive an ombre look on your nails.

Unfortunately it's already sold out on the European site but you might have luck in one of their shops. Price is EUR 6.-

I really like the green-blue combination and the red-purple one. (Although there is no purple nail polish, so it might be Moonlight Beach mixed with Manhattan Beach, red + blue = purple)

What's your favorite?

Summerland Beach

Manhattan Beach

Zuma Beach

Moonlight Beach

Redondo Beach

Pacific Beach
all pics via American Apparel

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KT hat gesagt…

Wow how cool are these nails!