Freitag, 22. Juni 2012

LOTD - Waves

What to say besides T.G.I.F.? I'm totally wiped out from another rather uneventful week dreaming of the Indian Ocean, waves and some surfing sessions. Maybe next year...

Inspired by great waves and lovely pics of the blue sea I did this look today. It's more neon than natural but the pigmentation of the eye shadows is amazing.

Products used:
Lime Crime Palette d'Antoinette
Sleek Make-up Matte Palette V2
Max Factor 2000 kcal Mascara

Hava a great weekend & Hang loose!

pic via
such a cute pic! I'm so looking forward to this!
pic via


RedTagChicLosAngeles hat gesagt…

Awesome images!!


melissa hat gesagt…

Great inspiration and great make up

Duck hat gesagt…

Wow that's some brave makeup! I love how you blend the colours so smoothly.