Montag, 25. Juni 2012

Review: YSL Vernis à Levres 9

As you know I'm obsessed with bright red (or pink) statement lipsticks. But the problems with those is that the most don't stay long on your lips. And those which are "kiss-resistant" make your lips dry and flaky.

So I was curious to test YSL new lip gloss that promises three things in one:
- the resistance from a lip stain
- the color opaqueness from a lip stick
- the shine from a gloss

and this combined with comfort and hydration for your lips.

True? Let's see...

very nice, elegant, good size... nothing to complain. The applicator is heart-shaped so you can carefully apply the color without a lip brush.

Fresh and sweet, reminds me of sour gum-worms. I like it, it has nothing chemical in it and isn't too importunate.

A little bit more creamier than a gloss. Very shiny.

Durability & comfort:
Quite good, it feels like a gloss, it's light on your lips, it doesn't get flaky. The color is very strong and opaque. It doesn't dry your lips and is after hours still comfortable.

So here's the test:

Pic on the left: fresh applied

After lunch: Soup and sandwich
I thought that the sandwich would kill the lip stick,
so I was really surprised that so much color was left!
re-applied and after 3 hours
I had in between some water from a bottle
After 6 hours
(some cookies and some water from a bottle)

It's obviously not kiss-resistant, a gloss-product like this can never be. But it stays on your lips or let's say, it keeps enough color on your lips to keep them real red looking and not "washed away". Of course if you drink form a glass, bite in a sandwich or kiss your love you will see red marks on the glass, the sandwich or other lips ;-) It's still like a gloss.
But what really surprised me was, that when you remove it, there will be no leftovers from the color on your lips. Whereas a lip stain always dyes your lips and is hart to remove. I hate that when you wake up on the next morning and still your lips are red or pink from yesterday.
The texture is very comfortable and keep your lips soft and moist. Even after a few hours the lips has no dry feeling and you don't have to re-apply in between.
One plus point: the packaging has a shiny golden cap. You can use it as a mirror to re-apply the product or check if your lips are still fine.
I wouldn't wear it if I go out with my love because you can't kiss but I would wear it for a dinner or during the day. Just apply it very light at the beginning (before dinner) and re-apply it stronger after dinner. So you can avoid red marks on wine glasses or red marks on your table napkin.

I really like it and I'm already thinking of other colors... like the dark plum N° 01 for next winter. I can absolutely find nothing to complain about this product, so it's 5 from 5 pencils!


Jennifer hat gesagt…

Great colors!

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Cool color!!!

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Kristen Lam hat gesagt…

I've been wanting to find a lipstick to wear - might as well start now! :)