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Asia Beauty Shopping List

I was so lucky to travel the last year a few times to Asia. I'm sure that you are aware of the different beauty ideal East vs. West: the more you go west, you will find a lot of beauty products for tanning, fake tanning or bronzer. The more you go east the complexion should be pale or kind of white.

You will find a huge range of whitening products, which is the opposite of self tanners and the best sun blockers for a daily use. And a lot of special things more, you won't find in Europe. If you think they are available here, please let me know!

So here are my top favorite products from Singapore, I guess they are also available in Malaysia or Japan or...
Be sure to grab your right souvenirs ;-)

They have such a huge range of BB balms, creams and even powders. They are great for a quick daily routine. They hydrate your skin, provide color for an even complexion and protect with high SPF. I already did a review about it here.
My favorite one from the cheaper range is Maybellines Pure BB Mineral Foam.

Wet tissues isn't something new, but these are leaving your skin clean and refreshed with a light powdery finish (while others have a slightly sticky or oily finish).

They are great in summer, when it's hot and you need a 5-second-shower. 

Also great for your legs. If your are sitting in the office and getting those hot and heavy legs - one wipe and you feel instantly refreshed and better. 

Between those tropical temperatures and air condition your skin might get irritated and dry. 

Those sprays are giving your face a quick wake-up call and provide it with a lot of moisture. I already tried the ones you get here in Europe. Clinique's and also Shiseido's, but if you are using them too often your face will get sticky and shiny at the end of the day. 

Not with these. The ZA Total Hydration Energy Mist (pink one on the right), with a mineral complex in it, will keep your skin matte (because of the minerals?) and refreshed. Love it!

If you're like me into nude lips and pale milky colors, you will find a lot of lip balms, lip sticks and glosses in pale colors. Even "lip erasers" or lip concealers are available in matte or shiny lip sticks or glosses. 

And the good thing: they are available in the drugstore and don't cost a fortune.

See swatches here:

They are obsessed with eye liners! I've never seen such a huge choice of eye liner products like pencils, liquids, gels, creams, pens, ... 

And some of them define the word water resistant new. 

With this purple one one the right you will need a real good oily make-up remover!

Also a lot of colors and the blackest black I've ever found. 
Powders, sealers, liners, pencils, ...
There's also a huge range. You often can buy it combined with other products - like the purple eyeliner above has an eye brow powder on the top.

I really can recommend the eye brow sealer. I'm not using it to make the color water resistant, but to keep the hair in place and shape for the whole day. Even after the gym everything is in shape.

It works fantastic, I've never had some similar good working brow gel before.
Since near the equator the sun is of course more aggressive and the ideal face has to be better pale, the offer of sun screens is great. 

And most of them are non-sticky! They melt in your skin and leave it with a powdery finish.

And they are water resistant, too! I have no clue why they are not available in Europe. Who wants a sticky suncream anyway?

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