Freitag, 13. April 2012

Rainbow Nails

Originally invented by my lovely friend T., she's wearing this style at least since a year, you see more and more many different colors on the nails on just one hand. T., you're a trend-setter! :-)

Some combine the look to the rings they are wearing or some just stay in one color family and try e.g. different blues or greens or pastels, or they do color-blocking... go girls, be creative!

Find more inspiration here. But don't forget to keep your nails short!

Pic above and on the left are from the Australian Vogue (Thanks A. for this wonderful souvenir! It's like a little short-term holiday reading a far-far-away magazine)

Did you know that nail polish is the new lip stick? Years ago we spoke about the lipstick-index, now it's the lacquer-index. Instead of e.g. buying a new dress in the color of the season, women buy nail polish in the color of the season to spend less, but still be stylish, up-to-date and spoil themselves a little. Read more about it here.

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pic via

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