Mittwoch, 18. April 2012

Brushes - My Must Haves - For Eyes

Today I'd like to start a new episode about brushes.

Very often the question comes up "Do you really need so many brushes?"
Yes. I do. And I need even more!

No kidding. I often see brushes and I think, this one might be better than the one I already have. The truth is, that also for brushes there might be (a little) R&D and therefor there are better brushes. Or new brushes that works for new textures better.

But for private use, of course you don't need all of them.

I'd like to introduce you to my top favorites.

Let's start with brushes for EYES!

Creme Shadow Brush 235 from Sephora

This is obviously for creamy eyeshadows, like MAC Paint Pots or MAC Paints or you can use it for eye primers as well. It's a very good tool to blend the texture well up to the crease or to the eye brow.

The brush itself is very soft and gentle to your eye.

I have mine for more than one year and it's daily in use and still in a good shape!

Classic Rounded Crease Brush 13 from Sephora

This is an excellent brush for blending - especially in the crease (and upwards), but also for under the eye. It's also good to add some more depth to your eye.

This one here is also more than one year old and in daily use - still in a good shape. I have to say it's actually a better quality than the one I got from MAC. MAC's 226 is spiny and hurts a little.

Small Angle Brush 266 from MAC

This brush is perfect to create sharp lines, e.g. for eye liners like MAC Fluidline or you can also make a good eye line with an eye shadow with it. Also good if you like to blend a line (one side hart cut and the other side fade out).

It's also a good tool for your eyebrows: to bring them in shape and fill in with eye brow powder.

Or you can use it for precis highlighting for the inner corner of your eyes or your cupid bow. It's definitely a must in your bathroom.

Pencil Brush 219 from MAC

This one is necessary for blending liquid eyeliner or kohl pencil for a smudge smokey eye look.

Be sure, that the brush you choose is not itchy at all. It can really hurt and make eyes red if you are sensitive.

Mine is about three years old and has lost a few hairs, but this doesn't matter.
Tip: at the beginning all new brushes loose a little bit of their hairs, but after  3 to 4 times washing they shouldn't loose hair. If that is so, they are damaged, return it to the cosmetic counter.

Eye Shader Brush 239 from MAC

Finally you will need a brush just to simply apply eye-shadow on your lid and under your eye.

This one from MAC is very good, but I also like this one from Sephora Eye Brush 22 which is a little bit smaller.

Dont's & Tips

I don't like 2-in-1-brushes. I store my personal brushes in a jar, so the other side will get damaged soon.

Avoid buying MAC brushes via eBay. There are a lot of fakes and you won't have fun with fake MAC brushes. Their quality is low, they are itchy, loosing hair...

Always keep your brushes clean! They can be a nest for bacteria and can cause skin irritations. Here's a DIY for a brush cleaner.

Better invest in a good, expensive brush than in cheap quality. You'll regret it long-term and have to buy a new one. If you are carefully with your brushes you can have them for years.

If you are a beginner (with no brushes at all), I recommend to go to Sephora (it's cheaper than MAC and the brushes are surprisingly good) or wait until MAC has their Holiday Line Extension sets. Then you can get a bunch of brushes for a good price, but it's only available around X-mas.

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