Sonntag, 22. April 2012

Tutorial: Fat Black Cat Eye

Ever wanted a fat eyeliner like Amy Winehouse, or a neat line like Holly Golightly? But when you draw it, it only looked good on one eye? Or it doesn't look good at all?
Remember your eyes are not identical, they are more sisters than twins. So what might work on one eye doesn't work on the other one.

Here's an easy tutorial how to draw the lines until it's like the way you want it.

Enjoy! Hope you like it!

sorry for spooky lenses... need to buy new ones.

start with a primer: I used MAC Paints Bare Canvas

draw a line along the lashes with a white pencil
I used Isadora Inliner Satin White

mark with a point the end of your wing

draw the line thicker and thicker
and then connect it with the point

correct it with a q-tip if necessary (until it's symmetric on both eyes)

fill in with a black kohl pencil
I used Maybelline's Expression Eye Liner

Fill in again with a liquid liner for more definition
TIP: miss out a tiny white line above the black line.
It will be like a white shadow of the black one.
This is to receive more contrast and a more 3D look of the line

Give your eye more shape: add some color to your crease
I used the third one of the Isadora Matte Chocolate Palette
it's a brownish taupe

add the same color under your eye

Form your eyebrow with some powder and fix it with gel
fill in the last white spots between the line and your lashes
Eye lash curler, some mascara and your done!


Raji hat gesagt…

Such a great tip for getting your eyes just right, so frustrating when it just doesn't work

Sally hat gesagt…

I love this kind of eyeliner. I am also waering very often :)

Grande hat gesagt…

what kind of crazy lenses are you wearing?

Rini hat gesagt…

They are called "Maxi Eyes". They should make your eyes bigger, but it only works with dark eyes. With blue or green eyes it looks weird. I bought them to try it, but I won't buy them again.
They are similar to them

Giorgia hat gesagt…

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Sandra Leiva hat gesagt…

I like it, looks so cute! <3

erica marie hat gesagt…

great tutorial, looks amazing!

xo erica

PRENA hat gesagt…

great post! you've made it look so easy, and the outcome is fabulous!

Fash Boulevard hat gesagt…

oh my goodness, so stunning. Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my resort style post. xo

Audrey Leighton hat gesagt…

Love the cat eye, thanks for the tip!

Be Frassy

Victoria hat gesagt…

I love it! :)

- Victoria