Donnerstag, 5. April 2012

Spotted: Rust-Colored Smokey Eyes

As you already know it's spring-cleaning time for my bookshelf.

In an old edition of the RUSSH I found this wonderful eye make-up on Jessica Stam, she's one of my favorite models.

Have a closer look at her eye shadow: Her eyes are really glowing. This rusty-wine-red-bronze color is so beautiful!

here's another pic found in the Russh Magazine
This is a lighter version of the look above
less black kohl pencil, very nice

Happy Easter everybody!


Ioana-Carmen hat gesagt…

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Ioana-Carmen hat gesagt…

great blog!

Ioana-Carmen hat gesagt…

Following u already darling ;) follow back and don``t forget to like my Facebook page :X

Noressa Henness hat gesagt…

You're right, it's an amazing eye shadow
love it

Wanna follow each others?

Kelly Dillon hat gesagt…

Love this eye makeup! Great blog :)