Samstag, 7. April 2012

Make-up Tip For Your Lips: Cupid Bow

As seen on many runways or in editorials some cupid bows seem to glow from inside.

It's not a new trick, but the best to achieve a lot with less effort.

Put some silver or white (cream) shimmering powder or cream shadow on your cupid bow above your lips. You'll see it will immediately add some more volume and attention to your lips.

e.g. you can use MAC Vanilla pigment or a MAC cream shadow base in a frost tone depending on your lip color.. more silver? more white? more golden tone?

You can also use a gold shimmer, like Valentino did it on the left pic for the haute couture shows. But be sure to blend it a little bit to avoid harsh effects.

Valentino with gold shimmer
with golden shimmer

with silver shimmer for red lips

with cream shimmer for nude lips

with white shimmer for rosé lips

works also, if you are not using any lipstick

all pics via InBeauty.

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