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New in & Review: Estée Lauder Blush Peach Nuance

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A few years ago MAC had a limited edition with blushes in pink and peach shades with fades from dark to fair. I always wanted the MAC blush Ripe Peach, but it was sold out very quickly.

I was hoping that they will do for spring the same blushes, but they came only up with pink and rose shades in the collection Daphne Guiness for MAC.

But I found some similar blush at Estée Lauder: Peach Nuance that is even better than the one from MAC because it fades way more brighter. Doesn't it look like a ripe peach? Yummy!

You can shade your cheek and even highlight it!

The powder is very smooth and with a touch of light silk shimmer. So it's not completely matte, but not too shiny.

The package is quite nice, but it's only plastic so I hope it will last a while, because I often drop my things in the bathroom ;-) And I think the shiny blue plastic will get some scratches very easily.

The provided brush is useless for me. It's very small and flat, a little bit  scratchy. You can't get all the colors on your face without mixing them together and you can't achieve nice even cheeks with it.

So I used my MAC large angle contour brush 168. You can see on the pic how well the colors is on the brush - from nude peach-blossoms to ripe peachy-orange-pink.

swatch: without flash - only twice applied. Very nice, but subtle. 
swatch: with flash - only twice applied. Very subtle. 

on my cheek you see better results, no?
My conclusion: it's perfect for pale skin like mine. I think on darker skin or in summer when I'm more tanned (well actually I don't get a really tan ;-)) you won't see anything. It's also good for beginners, if you are not used to a blush and if you are not sure how to apply it, the little mistakes won't be that exposed. One plus factor is the fading from peach blossom to the ripe fruit color: you can shade and contour your cheek very well with only one product. One small drawback: the rather cheap plastic packaging with the useless brush. So 4 from 5 pencils from me!

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