Dienstag, 7. Februar 2012

Object of desire: YSL Pure Chromatics Vinyl Candy

Although it's so grey outside I'm already in love with YSL new spring collection 2012.

Especially this lavender eye shadow from Pure Chromatics Vinyl Candy enchanted me.

I'm not into "girly colors", I'm more the dark-brown-grey-black-smokey-eyes kind of girl - maybe you already noticed because of the LOTD. But have a look at this wonderful color:

I would have never noticed this color, but once I saw it on Ginta Lapina on Into The Gloss, I want to have it!

Unfortunately this means to spend a lot for just one eye shadow. The others are quite nice as well... the bright pink and the matte highlight in ebony and the dark violet-blue (which would be perfect for an eye liner)... and you can use the colors wet, too... but still. I already checked if Bobbi Brown or MAC have similar single eye shadows, but without success. Maybe I can find it somewhere cheaper at the airport...?

pic via www.intothegloss.com
Have a look at the make-up of Ginta Lapina! Isn't it gorgeous? And not too girly at all! Especially if you combine it with ruby colored clothes (which I love ;-)). It might also look great with darker red wine lipstick.  More pics of this make-up via Into The Gloss.

The other items of the collection are also very nice and juicy colorful. You can find an overview here (what do you think about the blushes?) or direct at YSL.

all other pics via www.yslbeautyus.com

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