Freitag, 24. Februar 2012

Look Of The Day... and how to get more lashes

Today I wanted to do something simple, so I used just one bright color: MAC Mineralize In The Sun from the Naturally Collection.

To get more out of the color I used the eyeshadow wet up to the crease and then I blended it with a dry blending brush up the crease and of course under the eyes as well.

It looked a little bit too "naked" for me, so I thought about adding an black eyeliner, but that would have made it too heavy and bold.

Since I just wanted to emphasize somehow the 2/3 of my upper lashes, I made tiny dots between the lashes to create a more fuller look without adding to much "weight" to it.

I used YSL Shocking Black Eyeliner.

Here you can see the tiny dots between the lashes...

...but normally you can hardly see them...

... and this creates fuller lashes without using falsies!
...btw... have you noticed? I've been to the Browhouse - first time in my life, since I have no jungle growing, I've never considered it. But it gave my fine brows a nice, clean shape. And for the close-up pics it's really worth.

Happy Weekend! xxx

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