Montag, 20. Februar 2012

Tutorial: Charming Devil Eyes

Seen (and immediately fall in love with) in the last International Herald Tribune Style Magazine: very charming devil eyes.

Instead of a thick eye liner like Amy Winehouse there's only the wing at the end. And the wing starts not on the edge of the lashes, but in the crease.

So there's no heavy black "lying" on the lashes, instead it's way more lighter and playful. Kind of sweet, but still it looks like tiny devil's wings.

Combine it with rosy or peachy rouge, a beauty dot and candy lipstick to even get a more innocent look.

And it's very easy to do!

Start with priming your eye. I used MAC Paints Bare Canvas
Then mark the wing in the crease, draw a triangle. I used YSL Shocking Black Eye Liner

Highlights under the brow and on the lid with MAC Eye Shadow in Blanc Type
and for more contour in the crease and under the eye: MAC Eye Shadow Omega

Draw or fill in your eye brow. I used Catrice Eye Brow Powder. 

(Re)draw the wing, add more black, make it perfect with a sharp point.
And finally mascara. I used here YSL Shocking Black mascara. 
Done. Like it? I added a rosy blush and nude lips.

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