Freitag, 17. Februar 2012

OPI new collection: Holland

New in at the OPI stores: the Holland collection with 12 new colors: (from left to right)

Did You'ear About Van Gogh?
Pedal Faster Suzi
Kiss Me on My Tulips
Red Lights Ahead... Where?
A Roll in The Hague
Gouda Gouda Two Shoes
I Have a Herring Problem
Thanks a WindMillion
I Don't Give a Rotterdam
Dutch?Ya Just Love OPI?
Wooden Shoe bike to Know?

On my hand: I Have a Herring Problem

another pic via to see the colors better

My favorite color is Thanks a WindMillion, a light turquoise, Caribbean-sea-green without any shimmer. But it seems very similar to the sea-turquoise ones from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection, or more a mixture between On Stranger Tides and Mermaids Tears. Here are the three in an overview:

Thanks a WindMillion (pic via Obsessive Cosmetic Horders Unite)

Mermaids Tears (pic via Polish and Pearls)
Stranger Tides (pic via Beauty Junkies Unite

And here the bottles for a better overview:

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