Donnerstag, 23. Februar 2012

Violent Lips... it's not glossy, IT'S GLITTER!

Spotted yesterday at Watsons: Violent Lips, a lip tattoo!

They had a lot of more colors, like pink-glitter, but not only glitter, also patterns like those here:

pic via

But those patterns are a little bit too much for me.
For shootings they could be great, but in real life?
I wonder when the occasion will come to try out my silver glitter-lips.

Paired with matte dark smokey eyes they would look great!!!

There are 3 lip-tattoos in each package. They should be quite kiss-resistent as well as dinner-resistent.

And they could look like this:

pic via
pic via
pic via
And here's a good tutorial about it:

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