Freitag, 3. Februar 2012

Product review: John Frieda Frizz-Ease 3-day straight

John Frieda's new Frizz-Ease 3-day straight has a big promise: sleek hair for even 3 days!

Here's my review: nice shiny package, but I really wonder why it does need an outer package. Don't we make enough litter everyday? And when you open the package you see why. It's a deceptive package, the spray itself is not as big as the package (not shown in the pic left, the proportions are different).

But it is very effective. You spray about 10 times in your wet hair, blow dry it with a brush and then use a flat iron. The perfume of the spray is quite neutral, but very nice. 

And here are my pics from day 1 to day 3:

day 1: perfectly straight hair

day 2: also straight hair, but with a slightly curve (that comes from giving the hair behind the ear)

day 3: still straight, a little bit fuzzy, but that's more from snow and woolen hats

My result: good product, it works well on my hair, but since I have just a slightly curled hair it would be interesting how it works with stronger curled hair. Because I find the packaging unnecessary and it raises wrong expectations only 4 of 5 pencils.

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